Indonseisa 1900 di Mata Keluarga Pendeta Belanda

Ayah MichaelRogge adalah warga Belanda yang pernah pergi sendirian ke Indonesia pada tahun 1891.  Pada tahun 1926 Ayahnya kembali ke Belanda dan bertemu ibunya. Terkait kegiatan Ayahnya tersebut, kemudian MichaelRogge membuat sebuah biografi singkat dalam bentuk video tentang kehidupan Ayahnya  (1875-1950) di Indonesia. Seperti ini biografi singkat tersebut:

A short biography of my father (1875-1950) His father was a minister who went with his family to Indonesia, leaving his three sons and daughter behind in Holland for a decent education. My father traveled alone to Indonesia in 1891 and became assistent tea planter. He took an interest in geology and started exploring the riches of Indonesia. He obtained concessions for oil, diamond, manganese and other mineral fields. When he returned to the Netherlands in 1926 he met my mother. On account of my birth he postponed returning to his concessions until he lost all of his money in the Wall Street crash and could not afford to return. We were raised in Holland at hand-outs of the family. He always dreamt of the most beautiful country on earth, as he termed it: Indonesia!